At Woodfield Primary School, we recognise that primary education is not just about targets and results in league tables, nor is it simply a preparatory step for secondary school; it is much more than that.  We want children to have a happy, memorable experience that encourages and inspires them to achieve in life and to aim to exceed their potential. 

We follow the National Curriculum as updated by the Government in 2014, yet take a cross-curricular approach to learning, making links and threading through important English and Maths skills wherever possible. The children are always at the heart of learning at Woodfield Primary School.  We use our skills based curriculum in collaboration with ‘Towards Successful Learning’ which is an initiative developed by Di Pardoe for the children to really know themselves as learners, to recognise when they are in the best zone for learning and also to take responsibility for their own learning. This exciting mix gives the children the best possible start to become responsible, hard working, compassionate members of society. 

English, Maths and Science are the core subjects which are taught.  History, Geography, Computing, Music, Art, DT, PE, PSHE and RE are the foundation subjects.  For at least one term, the children take complete control of the topic for their learning leading the way.  The class teacher will plan for their ideas and ensure coverage of the key skills.  Please see individual class pages for termly topic overviews.