Now that we only have 6 Mondays left until the summer break, we are doing everything we can to give our schools leavers the best start for school. There are lots of opportunities next week for the children to make a mark and count. You can support your children at home with these early skills too. Come and ask a member of the nursery team for some good ideas.
Woodfield Nursery is going bare foot - Please read the attached document below.
Phase one of the garden transformation  is complete. The children have weeded and cleared the garden bed and we are ready for planting. We have discovered mini beast, enjoyed digging and weeding and we have set up a natural area for discovery. We now want to plant herbs and other sensory plants. We have some strawberry plants all ready to go in the hanging baskets. We can't wait to eat them for snack.

Our very youngest children love playing with open ended resources and exploring their ideas. We call it heuristic play. We observe their play and look closely at what they are exploring, then we plan for their interests.

What excitement the day the digger came to school! The garden is nearly ready for us to start exploring.